A podcast in which three Yiddish experts and one other guy talk about Yiddish literature.

Email yiddishbookclub@gmail.com to ask a question or to join the book club.

Michael Wex –  Author of the New York Times bestseller Born to Kvetch, the all-time bestselling book about Yiddish, and the national bestsellers How To Be A Mentsh (And Not A Shmuck), Just Say Nu, and The Frumkiss Family Business, Michael Wex has been called “a Yiddish national treasure.” Born to Kvetch, his landmark book on Yiddish, was hailed by The New York Times as “wise, witty and altogether wonderful.”

Wex ‘s teaching and lecture activities–a unique combination of learning, stand-up comedy and probing investigation into the nature of Yiddish and Yiddishkayt–have taken him from Toronto to Budapest, and to many points in between. Rhapsody in Schmaltz, which promises to do for Yiddish food what Born to Kvetch did for Yiddish speech, will be published in April, 2016.

Faith Jones is a librarian and translator in Vancouver, Canada. Her recent book is The Acrobat, a collection of poetry by Celia Dropkin, co-translated with the poets Jennifer Kronovet and Samuel Solomon. She also writes for the Digital Yiddish Theatre Project at yiddishstage.org

Shane Baker, of the Congress for Jewish Culture, is the best-loved Episcopalian on the Yiddish stage today.  He has traveled the world with his interpretations of Yiddish poetry and prose, and is beside himself with joy at the prospect of a gig where he doesn’t have to put on clothes or even get out of bed to go to work.

Eric Klein makes radio and podcasts. He does not speak Yiddish, but he’s pretty sure that the ancestral blueprint explains why his brain sometimes runs backwards. According to his Father, Eric’s great-grandfather had a Yiddish language radio program in Los Angeles, but the details are sketchy.


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