First conversation

Faith Jones, Michael Wex and Eric Klein have a behind the scenes conversation to plan the first episode of the podcast

We’re going to begin by reading the Isaac Bashevis Singer short story, “Yentl the Yeshiva Boy,” and you are invited to join us. Tell us what you think of the story, or ask your questions. We are on Facebook at or you can send us an email

First conversation

2 thoughts on “First conversation

  1. איך האָב זיך אַ ביסל אַרײַנגעהערט אין אײַער שמועס. בין איך אַ בעלן זיך צו דערװיסן, צי איר װעט לײענען די מעשׂיות און פֿירן אײַער שמועס װעגן זײ אױף ייִדיש צי נישט? י


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